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I'm Shreya Neogi. I graduated from the Design Media Arts program at UCLA School of Arts and Architecture in June 2021. I have also completed the premedical requirements (core STEM classes).

hello! welcome :)

I've found a passion for creating accessible projects and designs to serve others in order to create a more human world. I always try to apply my diverse background and learnings to the way that I design and create - whether that is my next sculpture, app interface, or branding concept!

I was a UX & Visual Designer at Medisyn and PulseProtocol. I currently am a Product Designer at Penzils and a UX Designer at Avenir part-time. See below for more information. 

I have over 4 years of experience within the conceptual design industry and about 1 year of experience with the UX and product design space conceptualizing websites, web applications, mobile responsive, mobile applications. I also contribute to high level product decisions including visual/branding design and overall product functionality and features.


fun facts !!

I've attended 5 Hackathons in the past 2 months!

Protothon - A Space For You & Me

Role: Visual Designer, Branding, UX Designer

LA HACKS - smartbin

Role: Visual Designer, Branding, UX Designer

I've been dancing for 15 years!

I'm actually on a competitive Indian Classical dance team at UCLA :)

thanks for visiting, let's talk more! 

These are some mixed media work!

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